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I understand that I am making a commitment to 100 Guys Who Give Tucson to make an annual donation of $400 ($100 per quarter) to local 501(c)3 charities serving the Tucson metro area. 100% of that amount will be donated to the selected charities each quarter.

I understand that:

  • This is an HONOR agreement, not a legal agreement.
  • My membership will renew quarterly and I will be charged $100 on the first day of the month of each BIG GIVE.
  • I may withdraw at any time by cancelling my subscription. For cancelation, email: and cancel payments on Grapevine.
  • To be a member of this organization, I must set up my payment information on Grapevine (see Step 2 Below).

Type your name below acts as your signature to this agreement:

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Please click below to submit your payment information to Grapevine.  Your membership is not complete until you set up payments:



August 10th, 2022- BIG GIVE at Brother John’s Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ, 5:30pm

November 9th, 2022- BIG GIVE at Brother John’s Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ, 5:30pm

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